Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lake Fun

It has been so hot here this week that we haven't been able to do anything fun outside. We go for walks but then I run back in the house to get air conditioned. This morning Barbara got me up really early. I did not like it first because I need my beauty sleep but when she said that we were going to Jordan Lake I was very pleased. We had to get to the lake early before the jet skiers took over the beach we go to.

Here I am inspecting the beach for interesting junk. Sometimes if I am lucky I find a nice smelly dead fish. No such luck today.

I race through the shallow water as fast as I can go.

Even though it is 7:30 am the sun is strong and it is already getting hot. Fortunately the water is lovely and cool.

I like to go out to get sticks and bring them back to shore.

It was a fun way to start the day and use up some energy. We got back to the car and Barbara realized she had forgotten to bring a towel to dry me off so I dripped water all over the car on the ride home. HAH!! I had a big breakfast, played with my stuffies for awhile and am now ready to go back to sleep!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cows etc.

The only interesting thing that happened this week was the flood on our patio. I thought it would be nice to wade in the cool water since it has been so hot but Barbara was not happy because a pipe had burst. I was very disappointed when the plumber came to fix it. So my life has been very boring. Today it cooled off in the evening and we went to Fearrington on one of my favorite walks.

Our first stop is by the pastures. What great smells!!

Here are some of the Belted Galloway cows. I always try to make friends with them. They are very big and they stare at me so I glad that there is a strong fence between us.

They are always very curious about me when we visit. I wonder if cows have blogs the way we dogs do?


I have never met this donkey before. Usually the baby donkey puts his head through the fence so we can sniff but this one is looking at me very disdainfully so we did not make friends.

After visiting the farm animals we walked around the ponds but it was very hot. I got a chance to cool off in the stream which felt great.

Then it was back home to eat dinner and hang out in the air conditioning.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I've been totally bored lately because it has been too hot to go tracking. So I was very excited to find this box on the patio this afternoon. I knew it was for me because it had a paw print stamped on it.

"Hurry up and help me open this box!"

It was my International Goody Exchange package from Skye and the Moondance Huskies!! Yeah! It was wrapped all nicely with tissue paper and there was a beautiful card of a wolf from the Huskies and their kitties.

Look at all these terrific goodies! All kinds of great cookies including peanut butter, fillet mignon, berry flavored and iced cookies with sprinkles! I wanted to try every kind immediately but Barbara only let me have a few of the berry flavored ones which were delish.

There was also a squeaky bone and a wonderful stuffed rabbit that squeaks. I am in heaven because I love stuffed toys.

I can't thank the Moondance Huskie Sled Dog Team enough. This really made my day. To Skye, Lakota, Dave, Angel, Velvet, Jasmine, Blaze and Becky and their kitties Misty, Starr and Diana, I will think of you every time I squeak my new rabbit or chow down on those cookies. Thank you.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Dog Park Silliness

I finally got out to the APS dog park this afternoon. It was hot but I really needed to run all the silliness out of me. And I made a new friend while I was there! This is Tibbie a 2 year old Bulldog. Her person adopted her from Bulldog Rescue.

We had a great time playing together. I can run much faster than Tibbie can on her short little legs. I did laps around the dog park and Tibbie would try to catch me as I ran by her.

So I would throw myself down on the ground and Tibbie would "get" me.

I think I tired her out a bit. Isn't she cute with her smushed in face?

After all our silliness we had to cool off in the baby pool. It is very small so we had to take turns.

What a fun afternoon - dog park silliness and a new friend!!