Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Am the Birthday Girl!

Can you believe it? I am five years old today!!!

Because it is going to be very hot today, Barbara said that we had to start the celebration early. So off we went to Fearrington for a walk around the ponds. Then we stopped at the outdoor cafe for a birthday treat.

I got this entire poppyseed muffin all to myself. See how politely I waited for it?

Barbara fed it to me in pieces since she was afraid that I would have gulped it down in one piece, which I seriously considered.

I ate every last crumb and I can tell you that it was quite delicious.

Then I had to stand by this fountain to pose for birthday photos.

It doesn't show up too well in these pictures but I got a pretty new collar this morning. The connector on my old plaid one broke and I have been wearing a pink collar that is so not me. One of my presents was a new collar with a green pattern which I think is more my style.

We have been very busy at the new training center and I have been helping Barbara by being the demo dog for her classes. She had her website put on our dog-crate-on-wheels to get more visibility for the center. Since the name is on it she says that we have to be very well behaved when she takes us out in public. This is a lot of pressure.

I am practically perfect in every way but sometimes, especially when we go to a new place, I get a bit silly when I get out fo the dog-crate-on-wheels. It is very exciting to visit different places and sometimes I can't help myself with all the great, new smells, but I will try.

However I don't know what we are going to do about Ambrose. Just when I think he is maturing he goes and does something really, really bad. I know you will be horrified when I tell you.

Last week Royal's sister Jet came to visit us at the training center. She is a confident little puppy but minded me quite well.

Then Ambrose came in and he stood over Jet in a rude way and then, to everyone's shock, he lifted his leg and peed on her!!!! I am mortified! Poor Jet. She didn't want anything to do with Ambrose after that (and I certainly don't blame her) but then he thought he could do play bows to her to get her to play with him. He is a real dope. He will never get a girl friend if he thinks that marking them is the way to go about it.

Anyway I am going to enjoy the rest of my birthday. I heard that we are having roast beast for dinner which is one of my favorites. Now if only Barbara refrains from singing Happy Birthday to me things will be wonderful.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our New Training Center

This time Barbara has a really good excuse for not helping us blog or visit yours. She has been very busy and somewhat stressed but it has all worked out just fine.

We jumped in the dog-crate-on-wheels and went for a ride to the dog park. After a good run we made a turn and saw this sign.

What could it mean? Paw In Hand is the name of Barbara's business. She works with dogs and their people in their homes and also teaches group classes for Paws 4Ever and other places. But she wanted her own training center where she could teach lots of people positive reinforcement techniques of dog training.

We were a bit worried when we pulled up next to Max's Dog Wash for as you know, it is not my favorite place. But instead of going into Max's for dog grooming torture we went next door.

Then I saw my dog grooming torture table and got worried since I have been looking a bit tufty and I know that means that Barbara will get out the evil dog grooming torture implements to do bad things to my fur.

It is not another dog grooming torture parlor but instead it is Paw In Hand Dog Training. We now have a nice big room with excellent mats to cushion our feet. There are chairs for the people and toys for us. Ambrose and I hand to sniff it all over to make sure everything is fine.

This is going to be great. Barbara will be teaching her first classes there tonight. Of course I will help her as the demo dog.

It is very exciting to have our own training center. If you are ever near Chapel Hill stop by and visit us. And now that things have settled down we should be able to visit your blogs soon.