Saturday, September 24, 2011

We're Back!

I can't believe that it has been two whole months since I posted. We had much trouble with our phone lines and DSL. Our line got cut 3 times and it took the phone company many days each time to repair the wires. But they left them all over the driveway. Then they tried to bury the wire underground and brought a big noisy machine to do it. It got stuck in some rocks (Barbara tried to tell them not to dig there but they didn't listen to her) and they had to bring in a big truck to drag the machine out. What a racket! Ambrose and I couldn't stand it and we barked and barked.

Fortunately AT&T has finally fixed the wires, buried them and our phone and internet are better. I've been very busy of course doing demonstrations and helping Barbara with orientations for her dog training classes. I could do the orientation myself now. I know when I am supposed to do my demos and if Barbara talks too much I stare at her until she stops. The new students are more interested in me showing off my skills than in her boring lecture anyway.

I did a freestyle demo at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine Dog Olympics.

I was so glad when we started back to Drill Team practice so I could hang out with my buddies. Last week we demoed at
Woof-a-palooza to benefit Chatham Animal Rescue and Education. We also had a tent for Paw in Hand Dog Training. I was a great ambassador.

Here we are under our new sign.

I am modeling my bandana in preparation for our demo with the Drill Team.

Ambrose of course stays at home when we do all this. He always cries like a baby when we leave him and of course now he wants to post.

Ambrose here. I don't really care that I don't get to go with Niamh. I have a new girlfriend and that is what I want to post about. Of course Scout is still my girlfriend but my new crush is Beatrice!

Isn't she cute?

And very flirtatious.

I am always attracted to the tomboy, sporty types of girls and Bea (I am allowed to call her that) is a very fast, bashy player. She really knows how to play bitey face too.

I was pretty tired after our romp and I can't wait to play with her again.

We are both glad to be back posting and will try to put up some more pictures from the summer that just took too long to upload when our internet was broken.