Sunday, May 27, 2012

I am Seven!

I am 7 today! So why do I have a picture of cows on my blog on my birthday? I do like cows because they smell so nice. These are extra special cows as they are the ice cream making cows of Maple View Farms.
Barbara brought me to Maple View Farms to celebrate. We left Ambrose at home - HAHA! I got a cup of ice cream. People were surprised to see a dog on the porch eating ice cream but I didn't care. All I could think of was the ice cream.
See how nicely I ate the ice cream off the spoon.
Then she let me lick the last little bit out of the cup. Yummy!
When I was finished I saw a woman eating ice cream out of a big waffle cone. I think that next year I will hold out for a waffle cone. On the way home we stopped at Teddy's house. He is one of my Drill Team buddies. His person has goats, chickens and a miniature horse. The horse, named Daisy, was being abused so Teddy's person adopted her and treats her really well and has gotten her nice and healthy. She is wearing this harness to get used to it so that she can learn to pull a little cart.
Daisy is good with dogs so I got to get pretty close to her. She smelled wonderful.
Then I got to go in the yard with the goats. I love goats. Maggie is the white goat in the front and she is very protective of the other goats. I was pretty excited and she did not want to let me get too close to them. It was ok though because I could still smell them.
What a great birthday! Cows, ice cream, a horse and goats!! I am one happy setter.
Now I will go home and annoy Ambrose and keep him away from my toilet paper roll. What fun!