Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Want a Dream Date with Mango!

You know that I am a very social setter and that I have quite a few boyfriends. However none of them are Relentlessly Huge or brindlie handsome like Mango.

Mango is running a contest and the winner will be squired around town by the Mango himself. I couldn't resist the opportunity to spend some quality time the Relentlessly Handsome big guy.

Why should I win this contest??

1. People tell me I am gorgeous and I know Mango has an eye for pretty ladies. Barbara has said that if I win the contest she will subject me to extreme dog grooming torture so that I will look my best on the date.

2. We are both afflicted with annoying, cootie-covered little brothers who are always embarrassing us. It would be so great to leave Ambrose and Dexter in their crates and have adventures without them. While we are on our date we could plot ways to have them kidnapped and then we wouldn't pay their ransom.

3. Mango and I love to dance. Mango has some great moves and you can see a video of me dancing here.

I am sure that many lovely girl dogs will enter this contest but the Mango and I have so much in common that we are made for each other. Yes, I do have some other boyfriends, but none of them have blogs so they will never know!

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Work is Never Done!

I really don't know how Barbara would get anything done without me. Recently she started a lot of new classes and of course she needed me to be her demo dog at the orientation for each class. It is a lot of work I can tell you. I had to show off all my skills to the students. Then I had to eat a lot of treats (very difficult) and then get petted by all the students (exhausting).

When it was all over I had to take a nap.

In an effort to give me a break she brought Ambrose to be the demo dog for one of the classes. What was she thinking??? He actually did alright until the mat work demo. Now to be fair, Ambrose is usually good on his mat, but not that night. Instead of lying there quietly he barked and barked at Barbara. Disgraceful.

As tired as I am she would have been better off bringing me. See how I can rest on my mat without barking.

With all my demo work I have also had to inspect the driveway. See that wire? It was our phone line until a tractor cut it. We were without phone and the internet for four days! Ugh!

Gordon Setters are known for being hard workers so I will keep on doing all I can to help Barbara with her work.

Ambrose here. In my own defense I wasn't barking on my mat to be bad. It was to encourage Barbara to be more generous with her rewards. I wanted her to set a good example to her students so they would give their dogs lots of treats!

Last week I got to go to Fearrington to see the Belted Galloway cows. Look how still I sat to try to get the cows to come to me.

They did come almost up to the gate but I got so excited that I gave the cows a big play bow and they went away.

I really wish they would be my friends.