Monday, September 29, 2008

Royal's Birthday Party

Yesterday I attended a great social event-Royal's 1st Birthday Party. Royal is an Australian Shepherd and I've known him since he was a puppy. He's a big handsome boy now and is in the Drill Team with me. He has a blog where you can read about all the things he and his person do together.

The Birthday Boy

Royal has a big fenced yard and we had a great time chasing each other all around.

There were nine of us dogs there and we all got along very well. We did lots of sniffing and play bowing but nobody growled at anyone.

After lots of playing we all tried to crowd on to the deck because that were all the food was! The people wanted to eat their food first without nine dogs sniffing around. They got to eat delicious hummus, veggies, chili and cornbread.

Trudy the Italian Spinone tried to climb over the little gate.

Royal's person Jenn made a special dog birthday cake with flour, honey, peanut butter and shredded carrots. It was iced with cream cheese and decorated with little biscuits.

Royal got to blow out his candle and the people sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

The cake was delicious! I ate my slice in one gulp and then licked the bowl clean.

The party was great fun. I got to play with my friends, get lots of petting from the people and ate yummy snacks. To top it off we all got a nice party favors of iced cookies and I got a new stuffie in the gift exchange.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I was so pleased to get the "I Love Your Blog" Award from my Field Spaniel friend, Hero.

And then I was doubly pleased to get it awarded to me again by those three wild heelers, Gus, Louie and Callie.

Thanks so much guys. I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I love reading yours too.

Phydeaux (pronounced "Fido") is a cool independent pet supply store. They only sell food, toys, treats and all sorts of good stuff for dogs and cats but never any live animals. I would not patronize them if they did! They recently moved to a big new space and I wanted to visit and check it out.

Just look at the great assortment of delicious treats.

One corner is all beds. I bet Agatha and Archie would love this place.

The Wall of Toys!

I had to inspect my favorite treat dispensing toys.

I helped Barbara check out our purchases. She paid of course, but I made sure she was charged the correct amount.

We bought some of my favorite Solid Gold kibble and a moo stick which I have already buried in the yard.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Puppy Class

We took a ride in my new dog crate on wheels out to the Animal Protection Society this afternoon. First I had a run in the dog park to get out some energy. Then it was on to puppy class. Barbara just started teaching a new junior puppy class at the APS. This is a very important class that all puppies should get their people to take them to. They learn proper socialization, basic skills and tricks and how to convince their people to give them lots of treats!

The puppies are so cute but very silly. Here are pictures of some of them.

Copper, a handsome Vizsla puppy.

Grace is a very sweet puppy.

Here is Lulu, the Beagle. She is the smallest in the class.

Puppy socialization time in class.

Grace, Louie and Viva getting to know one another.

Sometimes the puppies are very distracted. This little Akita puppy, Akiko, did not notice that her person dropped a treat on the floor. I noticed it however, and I stole it right out from under her nose!

After Puppy Class we had Drill Team practice where we are learning a new routine. It's been a busy evening and I need to get my rest.

Friday, September 19, 2008

New Dog Crate on Wheels

I haven't blogged in the last 10 days because my person has been very busy studying, test driving and talking about getting a new dog crate on wheels. We have an old sedan which is a very dull car and not convenient for taking me places. I have to sit in the back seat and wear a seat belt (which I cannot stand) otherwise I try to drive the car myself.

After much boring discussion about reliability, engines and mileage we finally have our new dog crate on wheels - a Honda Element. It even looks like a dog crate, all silver and boxy.

Here I am checking out the back and smelling the new car smell. The back seats fold up to the sides, the way they are now, or come out entirely. There is plenty of room for my crate and all the things I need for tracking, rally and freestyle. Barbara says there is even room for more crates so if we get another dog ( I hope soon) there will be room for him to go with us too.

The inside is lined with rubber. Even if I drool it won't matter!

I am so glad that she got this for me but I really don't understand why it took so long. I have only two questions. What fun places can we go to in this car? And how fast can we get there?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Farmers' Market

I've been pretty busy lately. On Sunday I practiced Freestyle and last night was Drill Team practice. Today when Barbara came home from lessons, we went to a little Farmers' Market. It was fun to go there. Lot's of people admired and petted me. Most of them didn't know that I am a Gordon Setter so she had to explain what I am.

There are lots of tents with all kinds of food inside. Most of the tents have vegetables and Barbara bought boring stuff like lettuce and peppers.

One tent had all sorts of jams and jellys in jars and baked goods! I am very interested in baked goods and my nose was in overdrive with the delicious smells. It was late so most of the baskets were empty but we still found a nice apple spice loaf.

It was hard to control myself around all those delicious treats but I was polite. It was most disappointing that I did not get to go to the tent with the cheesecakes. I think that she was afraid that the smell of cheesecake would be so overwhelming that I would jump up on the table and start feasting.

There is a bigger Farmers' Market in town but I can't go there because they ban dogs! This is blatant discrimination and Barbara refuses to buy so much as a string bean there.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Mohawk

Inspired by my spaniel friends, Hero and Big Pupi, I thought that I would try to grow a mohawk. They look very cool with theirs and it seemed to fit in with my new tatoo and scar that I got when I was spayed. You can just see the start of it in this picture.

Unfortunately Barbara did not think that a mohawk was a great idea since setters are supposed to have sleek, smooth heads. So out came the stripping knife and off came the mohawk. Then she gave me a bath and you know how I despise them.

Barbara was not very sympathetic since she believes it is part of her responsibility as my special person to take care of my skin and coat. This means baths and grooming. Ugh! I think my coat is quite fine as it is. In fact the other day at the dog park a woman was admiring my fur and said that she wished that she had a head of hair like mine!

Then next photo I have to blame entirely on Stanislaw! Barbara thinks he looks so cute in his snood that it gave her ideas. Since I have started some raw meat additions (which I love) to my meals she thought that I should have a snood too. It seems that my Gordon Setter ears are perfect for collecting raw meat on the ends.

Now I have to wear this contraption on my head if I am going to eat anything raw. Even though wearing it means I am going to feast you can see from my expression that I am not loving it.