Friday, September 10, 2010

Catching Up, Again!

We've been on hiatus while Barbara went on vacation to NY. Last year we went with her in the dog-crate-on-wheels and got to visit our cousin. But this time she flew in a plane and of course since I have no intention of ever flying in the belly of a plane, Ambrose and I went to stay at K9 Kindercare. We always have fun there but I was quite jealous that Barbara spent time with Coby and Angie while she was there. I bet she gave them a lot of treats too.

Once Barbara got back she had to prepare for all her new classes at the training center and had to do boring stuff like fill folders with homework. She started 7 new classes just this week so of course we, and our blog, have been very neglected.

I saw from the video on the last post that Ambrose found my squeaky sheep at the training center and put his cooties all over it. I had to give that sheep a good shake to try to get them off.

Then I ripped some of its little feet off. I think the only way to decontaminate it is to let Barbara drown it. I am always reluctant to let her launder my stuffies but there is no help for it. Then I will have to find the sheep a much better hiding place.

I was even more miffed to find out that Ambrose is getting his own column in the Paw In Hand newsletter! What kind of advice is he going to give? I shudder to think about the poor dogs who write to him for help. Does this face give you confidence???

As busy as she has been somehow Barbara found time to perform more dog grooming torture on us. Ambrose had a bath last week and I had one today. In an effort to prevent the dreaded fluffy butt, she remembered to bring a towel to pin on me to make my fur straight. But she forgot the big diaper pins she usually uses and had to use some little safety pins from her purse.

Of course by the time we got home, I had scratched and tugged some of the pins out. Then Ambrose caught sight of me in the towel and barked his fool head off. When he finally realized it was me, he tried to help pull the towel off which I found very annoying so I had to yell at him.

Barbara said that if we continued to behave so badly she was going to trade us in for some goldfish!

I kept the towel on for a while but decided to try to shake it off. Unfortunately, while I had gotten most of the safety pins out, the towel was still pinned tightly around my neck. Barbara laughed and laughed but it was NOT funny.

I will say that my fur is now nice and straight and I will be quite beautiful when I go to the freestyle show and go tomorrow.