Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Ears and My Tail

I have been a bit under the weather lately and not my usual happy self.

I had to go to see my veterinarian at Colony Park Animal Hospital. Now I like to go to the vet's office because they always treat me nicely and give me treats but sometimes they have to do things to me that are not fun. Barbara had been treating my ears because they were yucky (which sometimes happens to us long eared dogs) but they weren't getting much better. They had to power wash my ears and give me new medicine to get at the disgusting yeast and bacteria.

But the worst was my poor tail. I have some sebaceous cysts on my tail that never seem to bother me but lately they got bigger and got all infected.

Close your eyes and don't look at the next photo if you get grossed out easily.

My tail fur had to be shaved, I am on antibiotics for a month and Barbara has to exfoliate my tail every day with special soap!!! Ugh!

Because of all of this I had to miss a fun event. Barbara was invited again to the Duke Canine Cognition Center to give the students some tips on dog body language and safe handling. Ambrose and I went last year and had a great time. I couldn't go and I am sick with jealousy that annoying Ambrose got to be the demo dog and I had to stay home. All the nice Duke students petted him and gave him treats.

They made a big fuss over him and now he thinks he is cool.