Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to you all. Ambrose here. I wanted to give a shout out to my Dad, Loghan. His fancy name is now Grand Champion Seasac's Rumor Has It RN JH! He was already a Champion but last weekend he got the points to add Grand to that. He is a handsome guy and you can tell where I got my good looks! I am taking back the blog now Ambrose. We have been very busy, working hard at Day School. Twice a week dogs come to Paw in Hand and Barbara trains them and then I get to help them learn appropriate play skills and manners. I have many boyfriends who come to see me. This is Riley, a Goldendoodle. I am letting him play with my squeaky sheep. Tyson is a Labradoodle and a very sweet boy. Ambrose and Amos playing a vigorous game of tug. Amos tried to hump me last week. I was appalled and I chased him all the way across the room. He will not try that again! This pretty girl is Greta, a 15 week old German Shepherd Dog. Barbara thinks she is quite smart and is training her and I am teaching her respect. We were playing very nicely and then Greta decided to put her paws on my shoulders! That is just not done and I let her know it. She got the message and has been very respectful ever since. Ambrose is not allowed to play with her. Barbara is afraid he will sit on her. I am afraid he will lift his leg on her. He did that once on a little girl Australian Shepherd puppy and I have never recovered from the mortification! Tug is a favorite game at Day School. Barbara always supervises it carefully so no one gets out of control. Amos and Ryder are enjoying themselves. We like Day School and everyone goes home tired. In other news it is Barbara's birthday today. She is 399 in dog years. Very decrepit but we will keep her.