Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Sniff, Therefore I Am.

I am always trying to improve my mind and my computer skills. Barbara doesn't let me near her laptop but last week when I was at Furry Paws I saw Andrea's laptop on a low desk. I could not help myself and took the opportunity to surf the web.

Here I am studying Albert Camus, the author and philosopher. His writing is a bit heavy for me but one never knows when knowledge of existentialism will come in handy.

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Ayla said...

Wow Niamh,
Cool that they let you surf the web. I don't go for that philosophical stuff - Herman is really into that, mostly Whitehead (and by the way, Camus rejected existentialism and nihilism (hard to figure out WHAT he believed!).

Personally, I go for the food network. Do you think they will invent scratch & sniff internet?

Your friend Ayla