Friday, November 16, 2007


I have been so busy lately that I have not had time to blog for 2 weeks! You may wonder how a dog can blog. I sit on Barbara's feet or lean against her leg while she is at the computer and dictate to her. She does the hard work of typing for me. I have been to the dog park several times, for walks at Fearrington, practiced with the drill team, worked as a demo dog at the puppy class, went to the APS Dog Walk and also have worked on my tracking. My calendar is full. The photo shows me and Barbara at drill team practice. Barbara was wearing the T-shirt that has my picture on it so Lucy's person, Allen, took a photo of us together and sent it to us for my blog. Don't I look cute?

This afternoon we baked a pumpkin pie. Well Barbara is made it and I sat by her leg and watched very carefully to make sure she followed the recipe and to be right there in case she knocked the pie off the counter. The smells are sublime. Pumpkin, spices, sugar, pie crust-wonderful. It is in the oven now and I cannot wait for it to be cooked so I can have a taste. Barbara does not usually give me food from the table but it would be cruelty to animals to not let me have some pumpkin pie.

I am incensed! Barbara is not going to let me have any of the pie. She is taking it to Trotter's house! Just because he is my boyfriend does not mean that he can eat my pie. If I hear that he got any of it I will bite him the next time I see him!

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Ayla said...

I feel your pain. Last Friday Sandi made cornbread (it smelled wonderful) and did I get any? NO! She took it to Trotter's house too! Something must be going on over there.

It is really bad here. I haven't been able to blog in two weeks, I haven't been tracking in a week. All Sandi does is run in and out the door, either running to her work or the barn, carrying groceries, or doing laundry. Honestly!

Your friend Ayla