Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More Tracking-No Beagles

I went tracking again the other day in the same field where the beagle stole my sausage biscuit and some of the articles. When Barbara and I got there Trotter and Dreamer were already there with Chris. She had brought cheeseburgers from Burger King for tracking rewards. I was very worried that the beagle would be there to steal the cheesburgers but the coast was clear. Barbara and Chris laid the tracks, let them age and then I got to work.

I do so love to track. I made the first two turns easily and found the hairbands with the pieces of cheeseburger under them. There was a can near the track but I ignored it. The last turn was near a woodpile and some sawdust and the scent went all around. I had to circle around many times. Barbara helped me and I made the turn and pulled hard to the last article- a sunhat stuffed with cheesburger!!! Yeah!!! Trotter and Dreamer ran their tracks and got cheesburgers too. A very successful afternoon.

That evening Barbara wrapped Chrismas presents. I love presents and really enjoy tearing up wrapping paper. I inspected all the presents very carefully looking for a dog toy or treats. Barbara seemed quite annoyed when I drooled on some of the presents. I can not understand why-it is only saliva. Alas, I did not find any present for me. I think that Barbara needs to do some more shopping.

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