Monday, December 10, 2007

Sausage Biscuit Tracking

What a great morning! Barbara and I went out to meet Chris and Dreamer to do some tracking which I love. On the way to the field Barbara stopped at a Burger King and bought some sausage biscuits. But she did not give any to me and I was a bit miffed because they smelled wonderful and even though I had eaten breakfast I could have found room for something as delicious as sausage.

When we got to the field Barbara gave me a tiny piece of biscuit. I thought that she was being stingy. Little did I know that she was going to lay the track with pieces of the sausage biscuit at each interim article and stuff the final article full of sausage! I had to stay in the car while she laid the track and I was whining and carrying on while she was gone. She finally came back and we had to wait while the track aged. Meanwhile Chris was laying a long track for Dreamer. I was very anxious to start my track and was very happy when Barbara finally put me in my special tracking harness. I had a drink of water - it is always easier to track when my mouth is wet- and we set off for the start flag.

There was a bit of biscuit on a sock at the start flag and Barbara said there would be more biscuit to follow. This track had a lot of turns and she wanted the reward to be extra special. I couldn't wait to start tracking and took off in a straight line, nose down into the track. Well we were tricked. While we were waiting for the track to age a beagle came into the field and ate the biscuit pieces and ran away with some of the articles!!! Barbara was bit confused but Chris was walking behind us and helped us restart. I made my turns but that beagle had stolen a glove and a sock and ate the biscuit out of a sun hat. The nerve! Fortunately Barbara has some more biscuit in her bait bag and rewarded me as we went along. I was doing a good job on the track even though it was messed up.

We got to the final leg and I found the slipper which was stuffed with the remainder of the sausage. I am so glad that the beagle didn't find that. Barbara gave me lots of praise for doing such a good job in a difficult situation (and some more treats too). I like the idea of tracking for sausage biscuits but I will be keeping away from kleptomaniac beagles!

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