Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tracking Workshop

I love to track. This past Sunday I got to do a lot of it at a tracking workshop at the APS. Gretchen and Marge came back to help us. Unfortunately I just went into heat so I couldn't come in the building but I could go out in the fields and track which is what I love to do anyway. Mona, a nice young German Shepherd Dog, was also in heat so we were sequestered at the end of the field so we wouldn't distract the boy dogs at the workshop.

In the morning I got to work on two tracks, one that was straight and one with turns. Gretchen followed behind us and gave Barbara tips about how to work with me (I already know how to smell things-she is the one that needs to learn!!). Sometimes I quarter a bit to find the sent and Barbara stops but when I am right on track we get to go, go, go! I love to lean into my tracking harness and pull. I am learning to target the articles and I get to eat all the delicious treats Barbara stuffs in them.

In the afternoon we went back to the big field on Hwy 54. Barbara laid another track with several turns in it. I was very impatient for my turn to track and did not want to wait while Laura laid a track for Mona. When I get frustrated I bite my leash a bit which Barbara does not like. Anyway I bit through the tracking line and took off to run the track. I found the sock at the start flag and then raced down the track to the 1st article. I realized that I was free and started to run around the field. I made a big circuit and Barbara called me and I came straight to her very fast. She gave me lots of liver. It took me a while to settle down (and even a longer time for Barbara's heart to stop pounding I think) I was very proud of my great recall and then I still got to do the track which was lots of fun. Can't wait to do some more tracking with my friends.

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