Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tellington Touch

Tellington Touch is a technique used on animals to help us relax and connect us with our bodies. It is like a massage but very gentle. Barbara thought it would benefit me since I don't like being groomed or having my nails clipped. I can tolerate it but it isn't much fun. Gordon Setters have a lot of hair so we need to be brushed often.

Royal's person, Jenn, has done TTouch on me and it felt really nice. She organized a TTouch training workshop at the APS and it was taught by THE Linda Tellington-Jones who developed the method. Barbara brought me to the workshop so that one of the student practitioners could TTouch me and help me.

Joan really likes dogs a lot. She was very gentle with me, doing very soft touches over my skin. I got a little worried when she started working on my hind legs. I really don't like having my back feet touched. But Joan respected me and got me used to the touches very gradually. The TTouch felt wonderful and I got quiet relaxed. Joan showed Barbara how to do the touches so she could do them on me at home.

Then Joan did something that I thought was really weird. She wrapped me up in an Ace bandage. It is supposed to help reduce anxiety and help me connect. I was not sure about it at all and kind of froze up. Joan gently coaxed me to walk around and then the wrap felt fine but I still think it looks extremely strange.

Later I got to meet Linda Tellington-Jones. She did lovely touches on my face and tail to help relax me. I would have let her do the touches to me all afternoon. Here is a picture of me with Linda and then one of Linda, me and Joan.

I hope that Barbara remembers how to do all the different TTouches so I can have a session everyday. Who knows, I may even get to like being groomed.


Hammer said...

Hi Niamh
Mum took Hobson to a TTouch workshop in 2006. The instructor was a very rude, aggressive woman and mum would never attend another workshop, not that this is a reflection on Linda Tellington-Jones. Linda has no control over how some of her overseas instructors behave. Mum has read a lot about TTouch but these last few years have been very hard in lots of ways so she hasn't gone into it a lot, though she has always been mindful of how she touches any animal and always asks permission to enter their personal space. Mum has enrolled in an energy healing therapy for animals course developed by Silvia Hartmann in the UK and hopes to start this very soon.
Rose was very traumatised when she first came to mum and her toe nails were so long they had curved in an arch. However, Rose allowed mum to trim 1 toenail. Then a couple of days later mum trimmed another toenail. Rose was terrified of being brushed and groomed too but she almost jumps into the bath now and she enjoys being groomed coz mum makes it very soothing and relaxing. We're sure you'll soon get used to this stuff, especially if you have someone like Linda helping you.
Love from Hammer

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, I hope the massage will help to desensitize you...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Comet and BLU said...

I think my girl should learn the TTouch. I hate having my feet touched or my tail. I will let her brush my hind legs, but I really hate it when she touches my tail....and my toes.