Thursday, March 6, 2008

Volunteer Award

My special person, Barbara, went to a reception tonight and she got a nice certificate from the County Commissioners for being a NC Key Volunteer for Orange County. She volunteers at the animal shelter doing evaluations of the dogs there and helping them find good homes. It is very sad that dogs have to be in the shelter. By evaluating them she can tell what kind of training they need and help make a good match so they get their own special person to take care of them.

Here is a picture of Barbara with some of the people who work at the shelter. She's the one in the blue shirt. I'm very proud of her and gave her lots of kisses when she came home with her certificate. Unfortunately dogs were not allowed at the reception otherwise I would have gone and eaten lots of the snacks.

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Ayla said...

I didn't know about Barbara's award - what an honor! Wow! You must be very proud of her!

Your friend,