Saturday, May 3, 2008

Drill Team Performance

I was very excited this afternoon when Barbara got out my green bandana. I knew it meant that we were going to perform with the Drill Team. We drove over to a retirement community to do a performance of our routines for the people who live there. I was very excited to see my friends and acted a bit silly at first. I think that Barbara was afraid that I would not do well but I settled down when it was time to perform.

The people really liked our routines and clapped a lot. They asked many questions about how we are trained to do the routines. It is all positive of course. Lots of treats, praise and toys. No being jerked around or scolded. All of us dogs love to go to Drill Team practice and perform because we know that we will get lots of rewards and get to spend special time with our people.

Here is a picture of my friend Ayla and her person Sandi. Ayla is almost as silly as I am but she looks very calm here and did well in the performance. Ayla has her own blog which you can read here.

I have to rest up now because we have another performance tomorrow at the Farmers' Market in Carrboro.!

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