Thursday, May 1, 2008

Leonberger Pups

I like Leonbergers. They are big and hairy, twice my size at least. Ika had 7 little Leonberger pups and you can see them at . Barbara went to her house to do a behavior evaluation on the puppies. She did this same evaluation to me and my sisters and brothers when we were 7 weeks old. I must have done very well on the test since she is my special person.

The evaluation looks at puppies to see how social they are, if they liked to be handled, how they behave with toys and food and will help to place them in good homes. This puppy obviously likes being handled.

But what is happening here? Barbara is playing with that puppy with my brand new tug toy that I just got last weekend at the Canine Freestyle workshop.

This is terrible. Now she has let 3 puppies play with my toy!. I am sure that they have ruined it with their puppy drool. I will not touch it until Barbara washes it for me.


Amber-Mae said...

Leonberger? Have not heard much about this breed. Quite rare ion Malaysia. Infact, I think there's none! They are absolutely adorable for sure. Is your mom thinking of bringing one home???

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Niamh said...

They are still pretty rare here too. All of these puppies have homes to go to when they are old enough. She is thinking of getting me a baby brother soon but I am not sure if I want one.