Friday, January 25, 2008

Another Great Morning

I haven't blogged in awhile because Barbara went to the APDT Board meeting and I went to K9 Kindercare. I had a good time with everyone there (except for a rude Jack Russell Terrier) but was glad to come home.

This morning we went out early to track in a field that I have never been to. We drove past one of my favorite tracking fields and I was quite concerned. I started barking to remind Barbara to make a left turn but she just kept on driving. We went to Ayr Mount in Hillsborough and met Ayla and Sandi and Dreamer and Chris.

Barbara wanted to work on straight tracks with me to help me with my fringing. As a Gordon Setter I like to quarter and check out the edges of the scent cone. The straight tracks with interim articles were to help me concentrate. It was great fun. I got to find some new articles - a metal key chain and a leather cell phone case. I got the delicious sausage biscuit as a reward of course. Chris (Dreamer's person) followed along behind us and thought that I did a very good job and improved on each track.

Sandi took the pictures of me following a track. The part that Barbara was most impressed with was when I found deer poop on the track. I sniffed it thoroughly (very fragrant) but then got right back to work and finished my track.

Dreamer and Ayla ran their tracks which are much harder than mine. They run blind tracks which means that their people do not know where the track is because there are no flags along it. They are both certified and will be doing tracking trials soon. I hope that I can get to that level too.

It was a great morning of tracking but I think the afternoon will not be so fun. I heard Barbara say to Sandi and Chris that I was going to Max's for a bath because "she looks like something the cat dragged in". What an insult!! I have only met one cat in my life and he didn't put a paw on me never mind drag me anywhere.

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