Saturday, January 26, 2008

Freestyle Fun

This afternoon Barbara and I drove out to the APS to canine freestyle practice. Freestyle is where the dog and her person perform a routine that is choreographed to music that suits the dog. It shows the relationship between the two. Dogs have to be really smart and well trained to do this sport (and their person should be creative too) but it looks beautiful when done well.

Selkie had a routine to Cajun music which got her lots of applause when she performed it at demos. I'd like to have a routine of my own but first we have to find just the right music and then I have to learn all the skills.

Several dogs and their people came to the practice. First the people had to have a meeting (don't they always). It was very tedious for me. Human communication just takes too long. Canine communication is much faster, clearer and much more elegant.

Finally we got to practice some exercises that Jeanine set for us to work on our movement. My heeling is getting much better and I really like doing it to music. But now I have to learn to heel on the right side too just when I was getting the hang of the left side! Then we took turns in the ring. The whippets got to show off their routines which they will be performing at a trial in April. Whippets are very skinny dogs with very short fur. They have to wear coats in this cold weather, poor things. But they do really well at freestyle.

Barbara and I tried heeling to several different pieces of music. Not to be conceited but I look really lovely when I am trotting around the ring. Barbara's friends had suggestions about what music would show off my trotting the best. I liked the calypso piece and a Spanish guitar song. Now Barbara will have to come up with a routine and we will have to practice a lot. It is hard work but it sure would be nice to have lots of people clap for me at a demo.

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Amber-Mae said...

Canine Musical Freestyle is mah forte! I dance all the time & do demos during dog events. I'm not a very agile dog & I can't go very fast like smaller dogs or slimmer dogs can but I still do it well. I'm already in the Novice stage. My sista Chloe, is still a beginner but she's getting the hang of it. Unfortunately, there's only two dancing dogs in Malaysia & that's me & my friend who is a JRT. He's gooooood...We both are very famous in Malaysia! There are no competitions here & Musical Freestyle is like one of the new dog sport here. Everybody is very fascinated when they see a dog dancing. I'm trying to learn how to heel on the right side now. I'm an OB dog & have been heeling on the left side only. Me having trouble being on the right side of my mommy. I bet you will do well very soon! Just learn a few more tricky tricks, put them all together & dance to the music! Dancing is a lot of fun! A LOT more fun than OB anytime!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer