Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year to all my dog friends and their people. Wishing you a 2008 filled with lots of adventures, tracking, rally, freestyle and no baths!!!

People like to make resolutions at the start in the new year and I thought that I should too. However people are not usually good at keeping them so I thought I would come up with some resolutions that I know that I can accomplish with a little work.

In 2008 I resolve to:

Roll in more dead, smelly animals.
Destroy more stuffed toys.
Eat more treats.

I really don't see what is so hard about this New Year's resolution thing. I'll be happy to be successful with all these resolutions.

I went to the dog park in Carrboro this afternoon and Barbara tooks some pictures of me which she has posted above. There were lots of dogs and I had a good time running with some of them. One dog kept trying to hump me and I had to tell him off. It was all in good fun though and a good start for the new year.

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