Friday, February 15, 2008

Amiga's First Track

I got up early this morning and Barbara drove me to the dog park so I could run off some energy. There were several nice dogs there who played very well and we had a good time. We left sooner than I would have liked but then we drove up to Ayrmount for some tracking which is always great.

When we got there I was very surprised to see my friend Amiga arrive with her person Mary. I know Amiga from the Drill Team and she is a very sweet Golden Retriever. She is an excellent performer and knows a lot of good tricks like weaving between Walter's legs. She had never done tracking and wanted to try it. Sandi, Ayla's person, laid a short track for Amiga and Mary to follow. It had lots of articles with pieces of delicious turkey stuffed in them. Well Amiga took to the tracking immediately. What is not to like about a sock with turkey in it??

Sandi helped Amiga and Mary find all the articles and then they got to run another track. I was watching from the car and I could see that Amiga really enjoyed herself and did very well.

Watching Amiga really got me excited to start my track so I was whining and jumping around while I had to wait in the car. Barbara laid a zig zag track for me and a straight one very close to the woods. She dropped many interesting articles along the track with sausage biscuit in them-an eyeglass case, a cell phone case, gloves and a makeup case at the end just stuffed with sausage biscuit. Heavenly!!. The straight track near the woods was difficult because I wanted to go in there to investigate all the good smells but Barbara helped me not to be too distracted and focus on my work. It was worth it because I got a lot of liver and cheese when I found the article at the end.

Tracking is such a terrific sport!! It is great to go out with all your friends in the morning and find things in the fields. I'm glad that Amiga joined us for the fun. Tracking dogs rule!!!


Amber-Mae said...

Oh, she sounds fun to meet! Tracking sure is fun but I don't really track for other stuff beside my ball...Tomorrow will be my 2nd class for scent detection. I hope the my teacher will be able to teach me to track for s certain scent.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Niamh said...

Don't worry Amber-Mae, it is not that hard. At first you have to concentrate a little to figure out what is your track and what is not your track. If you can track your ball you will be able to track other scents. And the rewards are great.

Good luck with your lesson.