Monday, February 25, 2008

Private Tracking Lesson

We took a long drive early this morning. We passed the road to K9 Kindercare so I knew I wasn't going to stay there but I did not know where Barbara and I were going. We met up with Gretchen who is a trainer and who taught the tracking workshop we went to. She has big silver dogs called Weimeraners and I thought I was going to get to play with them.

Instead Barbara and I had a private tracking lesson with Gretchen so I can become a better tracker (and Barbara can learn to be a better handler). I was able to show Gretchen that I really understand what I am supposed to be doing out there when I track and Barbara learned some ways to work with the tracking line to give me more information about what we are doing. I also have to learn a better article indication. I am much more interested in the track than the glove or the sock so we have to work on that. But because it will involve more treats I think that it will be fun.

I still want to get a chance to play with those Weimeraners though.

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