Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Drill Team

Barbara is a dog trainer and one of the things she does is coach the Drill Team at the Animal Protection Society. This is a group of people and dogs who perform at parades and demonstrations. The dogs get to show off all their skills and tricks and audiences always enjoy seeing them perform. Selkie was Barbara's partner in the Drill Team for many years. I would get to go to practice and watch but I did not know how to do the tricks so was not on the team. Also when I was an adolescent I was a bit silly and may have spoiled the routines with my antics.

Monday night was my turn. I am on the Drill Team!!

My friend Ayla is on the Drill Team along with many other nice dogs. We had great fun practicing together. I am learning to walk backwards and sideways. Well I know how to walk backwards but the trick is to do it on cue. The walking sideways seems very foolish to me. Where does it get you? I want to go forward not sideways. But Barbara seemed very pleased when I crossed my front feet and moved to the side. She gave me lots of praise and treats each time I did it so I will humor her.

The other dogs all knew the tricks and are working to perfect them. I can see that I have a lot to learn if I want to be in the Christmas parades this year with the team. I am very excited about the chance to march in a parade so I will work hard to learn the tricks and moves. I like to practice because Barbara makes it fun and gives me lots of cookies when I do things right.

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Ayla Greene said...

Hi Niamh!
I just read your dog blog - it looks like a fun thing to do except it is well thought-out and that sounds like too much work for me. I'd rather run, like early this morning when I opened the sliding glass door again and raced off into the woods. If I'm lucky I can sneak out about once a week. (Herman and Sandi get very upset when I do this - but it's so much fun! - and this morning I jumped in the pond after ducks)

We are all very happy that you have joined the drill team. We have a great time and get to go fun places. Thank you for mentioning my name in your blog.

Your friend, Ayla