Saturday, September 15, 2007

I am a Gordon Setter

I was at Jordan Lake this evening. Barbara and I had a nice walk along the shore and I got in some splashing and a little swimming. I do love to play in the water and sniff all the smells along the shore. I found some mussels but Barbara would not let me eat them because she said they were nasty.

As we were walking back to the car a jeep with three women pulled up next to us and stopped. (I can stop traffic) One woman asked if I was a Flat Coat. I was shocked!! Now Flat Coated Retrievers are lovely dogs (and I wouldn't want to offend any Flat Coats who may be reading this) but they can't compare with Gordon Setters. Didnt the woman see my tan markings and my elegant head? Barbara told them that I am a Gordon Setter and they said I was beautiful as they drove away. That made me feel better but I am still quite perplexed that more people dont' know about Gordons.

It is very common for people to ask what breed I am. One time someone asked Barbara if Selkie was a cross between a Rottweiller and a Cocker Spaniel!!! Can you imagine? If you are not sure what a Gordon Setter is you can go to the website for the Gordon Setter Club of America at You can see pictures and read all about us. Once you do I am sure you will agree that Gordon Setters are the most beautiful of all the breeds.

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