Saturday, September 22, 2007

Evil Sheep

I spent most of the day by myself as Barbara had to work. When she got home she said that she would take me for a walk at Fearrington Village. I've walked there many times before and I always enjoy it. We drove over and as we arrived I got very excited. They have cows and goats at Fearrington and I always like to see them. The cows can be intimidating because they are so big but the baby cows are very cute and I love the goats. Of course the best thing is how they smell! Delicious. I'd love to get in their fence and run around with them but it is an electric fence that would give me a shock if I tried to.

We took a nice walk around the ponds and there were lots of good things to smell along the way. When I got too warm Barbara let me cool off by wading in the stream. Then Barbara said "Let's go see the sheep." I'd never seen sheep before so was very interested in meeting some. Some of my dog friends have told me about them because they go herding and get to make the sheep go this way and that way. It is not something a Gordon Setter would do but I thought that I would like to see them and hoped that they smelled as good as the goats.

As soon as I saw those sheep I knew that something was wrong. They were very still and I could not smell any nice animal odor. So I stopped and stared at them. They did not move. I crept up and pointed and they still didn't move. I was really suspicous now. Finally I could not help myself and barked at them. Barbara said not to worry and went over to pat one of them. I hung back a bit but then got up the nerve to approach. Barbara gave me some bits of cheese and then I went up and sniffed. I was horrified to discover that they were not real sheep at all. Barbara is completely deceived. I know that her nose is not very good but it is amazing to me that she cannot tell the difference between an animal smell and a statue!!

Why would anyone have fake sheep? Meeting those evil sheep quite ruined my walk. I do not want to see them again. I will stick to real goats.

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