Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Joy of Toys

I have lots of toys! Every dog should. I particularly like stuffed animals with squeakers. Right now my favorites are a blue fish that got for my birthday and a new toy, a Canada goose that Barbara brought home on Saturday. When I was a puppy I would tear up most of my toys. Barbara would try to repair them but she is not a good seamstress and they never held together for very long. Then Barbara would throw them away. Very sad.

I know better now and while I am rough with my toys I try not to destroy them. Mostly I like to squeak them. A good toy has a good squeaker. As soon as I wake up in the morning I run over to my toys, pick one up and squeak it hard. It is important to check to make sure the squeaker is still working. Barbara does not think this is a great thing to do at 6 AM. Selkie never squeaked her toys. She would just mouth them and bury them. I never saw the sense in that. Why else would the toy have a squeaker in it if not to squeak??

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