Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Posing for Pictures

Monday is usually my favorite day. Barbara takes me to the dog park before she teaches her Family Dog 1 class at the Animal Protection Society. Then we have Drill Team. So I was pretty happy to get in the car Monday afternoon and head out to APS. When we got to the dog park Dana was already there with her Border Collie Scully. Scully is very smart and knows lots of things. She also likes to play ball but not the way I do. She likes to stare at the ball until someone throws it for her. I like to grab the ball and run with it. Meanwhile Barbara and Dana kept trying to take pictures of me.

I do need to have some pictures on this blog but posing for them is sooooo boring. I want to run and play, not stand still while they fuss with the camera. Of course I was running around a lot and my tongue was hanging out and I was drooling. Barbara said that it was not very lady like and I would look funny in my pictures. I think I look quite nice. The pictures above show Scully and me waiting for someone to throw a ball. The other picture is me after I have had a drink of water.

Selkie used to like to stand around and have her picture taken. She would even run up to anyone with a camera and sit in front of them and wait. How vain! All this posing and sitting still is no fun. I think Barbara should take movies of me running around - that would be much more interesting.

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