Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I am an only dog

When I was a little puppy I lived with my mom Misty and my four sisters and four brothers. Then I went to live with Barbara who became my special person. Barbara already had another Gordon Setter named Selkie. She was very big and I was a little afraid of her. I wanted her to like me but she did not at first. After a few weeks of me trying very hard to make friends she decided I was ok and we got along just fine. We ran around the dog park together and played in the house. But Selkie always made it very clear that she was in charge. Sometimes she would take toys from me or push me around. If Barbara was petting me Selkie would try to squeeze me out. She was very bossy and I think she was jealous of me (I am very cute and sweet).

A very sad thing happened a couple of months ago. Selkie woke us up in the middle of the night and seemed very ill. Barbara raced her to the emergency vet and then to the vet school but they couldn't save her and Barbara made the hard decision to put Selkie to sleep. I could not understand where Selkie was when Barbara came home without her. Barbara was very upset. I tried to comfort her because I did not want her to be sad.

But it was very strange for me to live without another dog in the house. Even if Selkie wasn't always nice to me she was always there and kept me company when Barbara went to work. Now I have to stay by myself and I really don't like it. Fortunately Barbara leaves nice treats and stuffed Kongs when she goes out so I am getting used to it.

There are some advantages to being an only dog.
1. All the toys are MINE.
2. All the treats are MINE.
3. Both dog beds are MINE.
4. Best of all is that I get all the petting.

I could get used to this.