Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Stonemist Time is on My Side

I am a Gordon Setter and my name is Stonemist Time is on My Side but you may call me Niamh. It is pronounced "neeve" and rhymes with sleeve. It is an Irish name that means sheen or luster and I am certainly very shiny and very pretty too. Stonemist Time is on My Side is my fancy AKC registered name but no one calls me that and it would take too long to say anyway.

I had a blog when I was a puppy but I had to share it with another Gordon Setter. Now I am going to have a blog all to myself. I've called it "Setter Tails" because I am a setter, I have a very nice long tail and I will blog about my adventures and training tales. I will post some pictures so you can see how pretty I am and what fun I have when I train.

I hope that you will follow my adventures and if you are a dog and are reading this, that you will have training adventures too.

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